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Popotetasty company meals for happy employees

Popote is 500,000 meals served and more than 50 clients in the Paris region with a corner offer led by a Popote Manager, connected fridges and Popote Events services to accompany companies for the realization of their corporate events (Afterwork, Buffet, Cocktails etc...)

The opinion of Popote

"Support and training are the strong points of OpenIT Solutions in our business relationship. For each new implementation in a company, they are 100% available and make it a point of honor to train all the operational teams to ensure a good understanding of the technology and the different functionalities."

Cassandra GAUTIER - Marketing & Innovations Director

Problems encountered

The concept of Popote was born more than 2 years ago now, after the first containment. Until then, company catering was really done on the spot, in office buildings where we had kitchens. For very small companies, SMEs or employees of companies (banks, factories, etc.) who work shifted hours, the choice of catering was rather limited to a range of long-life ready-made meals in automatic distribution, delivery via local restaurants or eating out, which repeatedly generates significant expenses and does not facilitate the organization of an employee's day.

Popote 's goal was to make affordable, high-quality meals available to all employees, cooked by our chefs in our kitchen workshop located in the Paris region and, above all, with fresh, seasonal produce.

The solution to their problem

Thanks to its technology of connected fridge, OpenIT Solutions has accompanied us in the proposal of an offer available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for all companies.
With its small footprint, the fridge can be installed anywhere and meet all needs.
Included in a box with all the elements necessary to create a digital canteen 100% autonomous to treat employees (Starters, dishes, desserts, coffees, teas, microwaves and lunch furniture) or placed in a lobby to take our recipes for dinner or the next day's telework.
With its very intuitive operation (no application to download beforehand) and the support of all means of payment (restaurant badge, bank card, meal ticket...), the connected fridge allows all employees to taste our ultra-fresh recipes in 30 seconds of ordering.
In terms of merchandising, the touch screen displays our new menu, the visuals of our recipes and all our promotional campaigns every week.